About CSSvSource

About CSSvSource.

Founded in 2007, CSSvSource was created in response to our clients’ need to hire faster while improving quality, providing meaningful metrics and assisting with risk mitigation. As a leading provider of Managed Staffing Programs (MSP), we enable employers to more efficiently and cost-effectively hire talent and manage contingent staffing with a flexible solution.

Whether you need technical, professional, clerical, or industrial support, CSSvSource will take 100% responsibility for every aspect of your contingent workforce, including the procurement of talent, selection of staffing providers, quality assurance, compliance, invoicing and reporting


Improving visibility of compliance, cost and quality

Optimizing contingent labor vendor base across client geography and skillset

Aligning client corporate goals within contingent labor practice

Driving increased profitability through cost reduction and risk mitigation


The last 10 years our partnership with IBX has produced:

  • Removal of under-performing suppliers; created supplier consolidation & management
  • Centralization of contingent labor and SOW processes which resulted in visibility of headcount & spend trending by department
  • Annual cost savings realized through markup management, tenure
    discount & rate stabilization

The results of our partnership with Ocwen has produced:

  • 22% improvement in time to fill within the first year of partnership
  • Increased supplier engagement by reducing number of suppliers participating in the program
  • Reduced compliance issues to less than 2% within the first year & created cost savings of $1.75mil

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