Debunking Three MSP/VMS Misconceptions

Managed Service Providers and Vendor Management Systems have solidified their place in the staffing world, but there is still some debate over the efficacy of the systems themselves. How much value do they add? Are they a waste of money? Can’t I just do this myself? The misconceptions associated with both the MSP and VMS are not only outdated but also incorrect. With the rise of contingent workers in the United States, it is important to debunk these myths so that your company can reap the benefits of the people and platforms. According to PeopleScout, “it is estimated that by 2050, 50 percent of the U.S. workforce will be made up of freelance or contingent workers.” By putting a plan in place and utilizing both MSP’s and VMS’s, you can focus your energy on what matters most, growing your business, and let us manage the contingent works.

1. MSP’s and VMS’s are an extra cost that I don’t need

We understand that as a company, you are not looking to add in extra costs or services. However, one of the main benefits of CSS vSource is that it is a fully vendor-funded program. This means that from a return-on-investment perspective, this is extremely advantageous, and the payment component is reciprocity-focused. So, if you are making a profit from the service, CSS vSource will collect a small percentage for an administrative fee. After utilizing the platform, you will not feel any financial burden, but instead, you will reap the financial savings.

“These savings are just the start, on top of mitigating overall risk, managing relationships, and shortening your staffing and hiring sales cycle, for free.” Says Andrea Micucio, Managing Director, CSSvSource.

2. MSP’s will ruin the relationships with my Hiring Manager’s

Although MSP’s have evolved over time to strengthen the relationship with Hiring Manager’s, there is still the antiquated notion that they will potentially tarnish your established connections and flow of work. At CSS vSource, we are here to assure you that, that is absolutely not the case, and in fact, it is the opposite. MSP’s cannot function without their suppliers, and they act as an extra level of support for those vendors. They are there to not only support the client but advocate for the vendors, and make everyone’s life easier. There are endless plates in the air when it comes to the management of contingent workers. MSP’s are there to institute a structure that oversees all logistics associated with those employees so that the hiring manager can make hiring decisions more quickly, and secure top tier talent for the company.

3. MSP’s and VMS’s limit overall visibility

It is normal to be apprehensive about implementing a new system, and how your visibility could be potentially impacted. However, CSS vSource increases visibility, and does so in real time. We offer real time executive reporting, which includes information on all recruitment ratios. This visibility offers greater transparency as well as mitigating overall risk. By using a centralized system with proper training from the MSP, clients will be able to use that real time reporting to make decisions quicker and with more data to support those decisions. The support of the MSP ensures that everyone is on the same page with the system itself so that hiring managers aren’t fielding questions or taking extra time out of their day.

Contract labor management is a complex situation. There are numerous factors at play between onboarding, delegation and invoicing. By instituting an MSP/VMS system, CSS vSource ensures that your operations are streamlined, and your efficiency is maximized. Your time is incredibly valuable, and we want to give you some of that back. The misconceptions surrounding the system are reflective of misinformation that dates back decades.

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