How MSP’s Support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As a Managed Service Provider, CSSvSource understands the importance of building out your contingent workforce. We are also committed to ensuring that your workforce is prioritizing diversity, and inclusion every single day. Lead by our Talent Development Manager and Organizational Development Director, the CSSvSource team is dedicated to the ongoing development and cognizant commitment of our community, with diversity being at the forefront of that. By investing in an established MSP such as CSSvSource, you are consequently investing in the equity of your company.

Tracking Diversity for Contractors

The data mining capabilities of MSP’s as well as the visibility of analytics allow clients and contractors to see exactly where their diversity metrics stand. According to Crowdstaffing, “companies that have moved toward advanced diversity functions are tracking a broad array of demographics that extend beyond race and gender. More importantly, they’re using incentives to enforce accountability and reward successful inclusion practices.” At CSSvSource, we have increased our placements by Diverse Owned vendor partners by 88% between 2020 and 2021, and much of that can be attributed to the data visibility that comes with the utilization of an MSP.

Partnering with Diverse Vendor Partners

By partnering with these diverse vendor partners, you are much more equipped to diversify your contingent workforce. According to Broadleaf, “diverse suppliers often source candidates from the community in which they work. By partnering with a diverse supplier, you help create economic opportunities for local communities represented by the supplier and support their growth.”  CSSvSource has increased the Diverse Owned vendor partners in the MSP program by 62% over the course of the year. These vendors who identify as part of a diverse population, understand how to, and where to, market open positions to diverse candidates. This helps to ensure that your organization is expanding their talent and venturing into areas that could be otherwise overlooked. It is not enough today to institute generic trainings and creative representation. Rather, the focus on diverse groups needs to be made a commitment every day, ensuring that processes are in place to set candidates up for success, and equal opportunity. So, by partnering with a diverse vendor, you are creating a foundation that supports diversity and inclusion in a much more deliberate way.

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