A Conversation with Amy Hochheiser, Program Manager

A dedicated Program Manager at CSSvSource, Amy Hochheiser plays a pivotal role in managing contingent workforce and SOW programs for clients.  Her day-to-day revolves around ensuring seamless operations, from handling requisitions to fostering strong communication among clients, vendors, and the internal team. And when it comes to the age-old debate of cats versus dogs, Amy loves both equally but holds a special place for her beloved cat, “Thiccums”.  

Connect with Amy directly or reach out to the MSP/VMS staffing providers at CSSvSource

Let’s get to the interview with Amy!


What is your role with CSSvSource?

I’m a Program Manager with CSSvSource. I partner with our clients to help manage their contingent workforce and SOW programs.


What does your day-to-day look like at work?

My day-to-day consists of checking in with our clients – ensuring any and all requisitions are being handled and all aspects are up to date. Additionally, I ensure the vendors are supporting the client and understanding their needs by answering any questions that come through. Communication is a HUGE part of our everyday workday – amongst our team, clients and vendors. We want everyone to be set up for success to ensure the programs are running smoothly!


Describe your biggest achievement so far since starting at CSSvSource.

My biggest achievement would probably be going live with our newest client! That was an amazing accomplishment for our team and a lot of hard work went into creating and testing every aspect of the tool to ensure our program aligned with the requirements and requests from the client, while keeping the accessibility and daily process manageable for both the client and our vendor partners.


What’s a go-to tool that makes your life easier?

EXCEL. While at CSS I have had the opportunity to take Excel courses that has allowed me to learn so much, and has really made my day to day unbelievably easier!


What culturally stands out to you about CSSvSource that breeds success?

The close community that the company has created and cared for. I have never worked for a company that cares so much about its employees and where I truly feel valued. My team helps me everyday both in and out of work life – and I am so so grateful for my team.


What’s your favorite TV show right now?

Oooo this is hard!! My favorite TV show right now would have to be Derry Girls.


What’s a quote that you live by everyday?

Keep It Simple Stupid – Michael Scott


Cats or dogs?

I love both equally – but my cat “Thiccums” is amazing, so I’ll have to go with cats.


Connect with Amy directly or reach out to the MSP/VMS staffing providers at CSSvSource.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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