Streamline Your Contingent Hiring Process with MSP/VMS Partnerships

Managed Staffing Programs (MSPs) equipped with Vendor Management Systems (VMSs) like CSSvSource are helping businesses of all sizes staff and manage their contingent workforces.  

A growing culture of outsourced staffing  

Contingent labor forces are growing exponentially, and organizations of all sizes and sectors are leveraging this expanding workforce for its flexibility and specialization. All that flex work and temporary, project-based employment come with the burden of contract management, payroll, benefit offering, taxation, and other employer responsibilities.  

Strained bandwidth is prompting organizations to outsource certain departments and talent acquisition teams prove to be the leading contenders. A recent SIA study reported the worldwide contingent staffing industry to be valued at $4.4 trillion and growing. These staffing agencies are being corralled and coordinated by the stewards of order in the form of managed staffing programs. A Sky Quest study reported that at least 60% of all organizations will depend on managed services by 2025 

“MSPs answer the call for formalized, centralized communication pipelines and organizational infrastructure to streamline their client’s staffing cycle. MSPs’ use and upkeep of vendor management systems (VMS) take the technical burden off their clients in addition to the contingent candidate staffing duties.” Says Andrea Micucio, Managing Director, CSSvSource.

 But what’s behind this boom in MSP partnerships? How does working with one streamline your business? Let’s look at seven major advantages of working with an MSP to facilitate staffing.  

1. Full access to a pool of experts  

Bringing on an MSP to staff and manage your contingent labor eliminates the arduous process of building a hot list of potential candidates to pull from. Successful MSPs have a vast network of vendors who pull top-tier talent for reviewal before a partnering organization lifts a finger. The MSP collates the best and brightest of all submitted resources from all approved vendors giving hiring managers the highest quantity of the best quality people.  

 Additionally, MSPs have already done the footwork to establish themselves as desirable portals for employment giving you the marketing edge over competitors.   

2. Access to the latest technology and analytics 

Building an infrastructure to store and track your candidate’s lifecycles takes an enormous amount of energy to code from back to front and needs continuous administration to stay current with new models. Not to mention the cybersecurity investment you’ll need to commit to keep your data safe.  

 MSPs offer a turnkey infrastructure solution with a library of developed code and protected cloud infrastructure for immediate use. In addition to centralized infrastructure, MSPs offer a slew of data analytics and visualization tools. Companies partnering with an MSP can use this advanced data to determine how hot certain candidates are in every market to identify trends and predict future contract requirements.  

3. Shorten requisition time and “time to fill” cycle 

A critical KPI that determines the success of a staffing team is its “time-to-fill” measurement. Agility is key when filling a requisition as companies compete against each other to offer the best package to the most capable talent quickly. With an MSP partner, organizations have the luxury of watching the talent pour in through vendors via. the MSP as they outpace the competition. Focused resource acquisition gets needed talent selected and onboarded in a sprint fashion. Furthermore, once contingent workers accept an offer sheet, MSPs work with their clients to onboard their talent with a comprehensive, predetermined set of processes to simplify their onboarding process.  

4. Reduce Operational Costs 

The first and most major cost-cutting pro is eliminating an entire internal staffing department. This includes onboarding and training, IT infrastructure development costs, and reduced third-party vendor fees. MSPs make it easy to adjust service level cost agreements and personalize payments exactly to the needs of the client. If a client has a new requirement for a team of back-end administrators, they can work with their MSP to flex their pay scale and services needed to fill those roles. Finally, the operational costs of administering vendor management systems are nonexistent with administration performed by MSPs.  

5. Easy to scale up or down as required 

Payment options are not the only scalable features offered by an MSP. In addition to updating technical infrastructure when needed, MSPs can add or detract vendors from a client’s preferred pool of resources accordingly. If clients want to handle compliance and or onboarding completely in-house, MSPs can scale their offerings down accordingly. This flexibility brings client staffing campaigns into the age of agile working providing up-to-the-minute scalability depending on market fluctuations.  

6. Maintain Corporate Compliance 

MSPs are experts on employment compliance and cover every requirement needed to staff a contingent resource in one cloud system for easy access. Employment regulations like VISA validations, onboarding documentation and procedures, and licensed course requirements among other compliances are all covered by an MSP ensuring clients are squeaky clean from the start till the end of a contingent worker’s employment.  

7. Connect with CSSvSource to partner with a managed staffing program leader 

The vendor management team at CSSvSource provides expert contingent staff onboarding, payroll, organization, and communication to ensure your company and partners have the best available resources on the market. Connect with CSSvSource today and promote continuous partnership growth and development. 

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